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CQuest's Roots

The original company, CQuest America Inc., evolved out of a unique partnership between the Illinois Primary Health Care Association and the Illinois Department of Human Services.  IPHCA was selected in the early 1990s to help IDHS develop and implement a system to integrate the delivery of maternal and child health services to Illinois residents.  As the system (now known nationally as Cornerstone) continued expanding, integrating programs such as family case management, WIC, and immunizations, so did IPHCA’s staff.  What began as a handful of IPHCA employees dedicated to the project grew to a full complement of experienced individuals providing contractual services to IDHS for the support of Cornerstone.  CQuest America was responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the Cornerstone system until March 2011, providing software development, testing, enhancements, maintenance, support, version deployments, and second level help desk support.

Recognizing the potential marketable services this group of staff could provide, the leaders of IPHCA decided to separate its business operations from its trade association activities.  The result was the formation of CQuest America Inc., which the IRS designated as a nonprofit 501(c)4 incorporated in the state of Illinois.  While their fiduciary responsibilities and legal identities are separate, the close relationship between IPHCA and CQuest still remains.

In 2007, CQuest America Inc. greatly expanded its resources, expertise, and client base by acquiring Washington-based Starling Systems.  Established in 1982, Starling Systems earned their reputation as a leading provider of information technology services specializing in the design, development, and implementation of information systems, transferable systems, and other support services.  Starling Systems transitioned rapidly from a solo practice to a growing company with multiple projects focusing mainly on WIC automation projects.  Over a span of 11 years, Starling Systems was awarded and successfully completed five WIC automation projects.  These projects included designing, developing, transferring, and implementing a leading WIC/public health case management system in Kansas, New Hampshire, the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA), Washington, and Puerto Rico.  

The acquisition of Starling Systems by CQuest represented a significant joining of vision of two companies who have proven experience in providing application and operations support to government programs.  Now as one company, CQuest is excited and proud to offer our combined expertise and commitment to public health and human services.




In 2007,
CQuest greatly expanded its resources, expertise, and client base by acquiring Starling Systems.

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