We’ve invested heavily in our newest CQuest service line extension – eConnect by CQuest. This EBT Service Provider solution can work with other MIS applications or, even better, seamlessly flow into a new or existing CQuest-branded MIS. And, a WIC MIS/EBT end-to-end solution greatly reduces recovery time and increases recovery options should a disaster occur. With CQuest’s “end-to-end” WIC MIS and eConnect EBT Service Provider option, the set-up to launch time is reduced greatly because our systems will be programmed and fully tested.

For more information about eConnect by CQuest or a demo of the CQuest WIC System, please contact Diane Decker, Vice President of Business Development at (360) 528-8264 or via e-mail at ddecker@cquest.us.






eConnect by CQuest makes EBT transaction processing easy, efficient, and affordable, whether you want a WIC MIS/EBT end-to-end service solution or need to implement EBT within your existing WIC MIS.



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