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Automated WIC System

CQuest specializes in providing information technology solutions and services with a focus on developing and supporting WIC program activities at both the state and local levels.  As a not-for-profit corporation, CQuest’s primary focus is to support the delivery of quality health care to the medically underserved through our technology and management services.  While CQuest works on projects within various industries and sectors, the company’s purpose is realized through support of its sister organization, Illinois Primary Health Care Association, and by maintaining a strategic business focus on WIC. 

CQuest’s premier WIC system was developed using a client-server based, distributed database with GUI screens and on-demand check printing.  Our team has designed, developed, transferred, implemented, and provided user training and ongoing operations in WIC programs with a wide range of geographic, demographic, and program size differences.  Currently, CQuest has a WIC system in production in Illinois, Kansas, New Hampshire, and the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA).  An earlier version (of the former Starling WIC system) is in production in Washington and Puerto Rico. 

Users of the CQuest WIC system have reported an increase in their productivity, increased capacity resulting in better client services, and more confidence in their program data.  “I will never go back to [a former system]” is heard repeatedly from users of the CQuest WIC system.  Essential to this success is the fact that the CQuest WIC system is supported by staff who bring extensive experience to WIC transfer projects, be it large-scale client-server or web-based system development.  Our WIC-seasoned staff have deep, reliable expertise that is essential for the operation of a WIC system. 

With each WIC system implementation, CQuest staff have used feedback from state and local agency user experts to improve the system’s functionality, interface, and performance. This partnership has resulted in a system that is comprehensive, logical, reliable, easy to learn, and enthusiastically accepted by users. The very successful CQuest WIC system was upgraded to .NET technology and is currently in production in Kansas, New Hampshire, and ITCA. The CQuest .NET WIC system will provide WIC programs the choice of multiple architectures and databases coupled with an already proven and widely accepted interface!

For more information or a demo of the CQuest WIC system, please contact Diane Decker, Vice President of Business Development at (360) 528-8264 or via e-mail at ddecker@cquest.us.




The CQuest
.NET system
will provide
WIC programs the choice of multiple architectures and databases coupled with
an already proven and widely accepted interface.


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