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WIC Operations

After implementing a WIC solution, CQuest offers each WIC customer a full menu of services to support and augment the system functionality.  Providing WIC operations services since 1994 and to multiple programs, we understand that each customer is unique, with different needs.  Therefore, we work with each WIC program to tailor the operations services to fit their current – and future – needs.

Foremost is our WIC application maintenance and support.  Our team provides software development, testing, enhancements, maintenance, support, version rollouts, and help desk support.  Our staff stays abreast of federal legislation and programmatic changes that affect the WIC application, ensuring that that system is updated in a timely and efficient manner.

The application maintenance is further supported through on-site support, whereby CQuest staff provide assistance during installations, implementations, rollouts of a new version or program, and during other initiatives; and via thorough and complete technical documentation, user manuals, version letters, and other materials associated with the system, ensuring users and operators have adequate instruction for use and operation of the system.  In addition, CQuest has always encouraged our operations customers to work together to share ideas and coordinate changes to the system, thereby pooling their resources and achieving cost efficiencies when implementing changes to the system. 

Both during initial implementation, as well as at coordinated intervals throughout the operations contract, CQuest works with WIC program staff to ensure comprehensive training is developed and provided.  CQuest is experienced in facilitating training in various formats, from “train the trainer” directives, to broad initiatives involving multiple sessions with local agency staff.

Both state and local users appreciate the assistance available through CQuest’s Help Desk Services unit.  Accessed through a toll-free number, our knowledgeable staff respond to users' questions and problems with the application, computer equipment, and communication network (as applicable).  While our WIC customers provide programmatic assistance to users, each of our help desk staff have received comprehensive training on the WIC program, and many of them have worked in the WIC setting in a professional role.  This expertise allows them to provide the highest level of customer service possible.

CQuest’s team of Network Specialists provide network and communication support for local agency users via telephone support, documentation, and monitoring.  From recommending configuration standards for installations and providing technical support for data interfaces, to supporting Citrix deployments and performing routine maintenance, CQuest’s network services staff can assist WIC programs in as little or as much of the technical support activities needed to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency of the system.

CQuest also provides hardware support, maintenance, and repair.  Our hardware technicians have industry certifications and training to install, maintain, and repair most all common brands of workstations, servers, printers, and communications equipment.  As a supplement to our hardware services, CQuest also offers complete asset tracking and management services, thereby tracking the assets used within a system network, maintaining an inventory of stock equipment within CQuest’s warehouses, and coordinating the annual physical inventory of equipment at local agencies.  These services greatly reduce the burden on WIC or state staff to coordinate the logistics and tracking of equipment through its lifecycle, allowing them to focus on administering the program itself.

Finally, CQuest provides overall project management for all deliverables and activities, as well as for budgeting, logistics, reporting, facilitation of user groups, and quality assurance initiatives for customers.  We are also happy to work with WIC and state staff to provide migration assistance and develop transition plans, ensuring that customer staff are prepared to resume responsibilities for operations.




We work with each WIC program to tailor the operations services to fit their current - and future - needs


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