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Contract Management System

Catalyst is a web-based data collection and reporting tool that tracks prevention and control activities for public health agencies. The system measures the effectiveness of the activities with user-editable sets of on-line survey tools, and reports on activities and their effectiveness. The solution includes a powerful application administration tool with screens for creating survey tools, managing user access, dynamically managing the user menu, generating system-wide messages, and performing a broad range of database management functions.

Catalyst has been used by multiple public health programs, including tobacco prevention and control, substance abuse prevention, and diabetes prevention and control.  The system’s business model is virtually universal in all public health programs. States distribute funds to local health agencies or contractors, who are required to submit a plan detailing their proposed activities. Local health agencies then report to the state the actual activities that occurred. Both the state and local agencies share responsibility for evaluating the effectiveness of those activities and for reporting at the local, state and federal level how the finds were used in support of the public health organization’s goals and objectives.  The Contract Management system is used to conduct, track, and report on these activities.

CQuest also provides services to support the Contract Management system including:

Account Management:

  • Regular check-ins with program management and staff to ensure satisfactory service and explore service enhancement opportunities
  • Program management consulting to ensure optimal system benefit
  • Facilitated multi-state program knowledge exchange
  • Quarterly service status reports

Hosting Services:

  • Web and database server setup, testing, and maintenance
  • Website hosting
  • Database and website administration services (monitoring, tuning, daily backups)

Support and Maintenance Services:

  • Technical support via phone and/or e-mail
  • Training
  • System analysis and design
  • Report design/enhancement
  • Periodic system maintenance, updates, and patches
  • Testing
  • Troubleshooting

Catalyst's business model is virtually universal in all public health programs.


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